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We try to live by the Golden Rule. For those who may not be familiar with it, here is some legalese so that clients and potential clients have an idea of what to expect.

Philosophy & Exclusions

  • jFX endeavors to create musical art or sonic material that is “good” or has some sort of “benefit” to people and/or society. We reserve the right to refuse work that is not to our standards. If it ever becomes necessary to stop work in progress, we will turn over studio–completed materials or files, etc. to the client after we receive payment for the work completed. The client's personal property will be turned over immediately, regardless of payment.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any work that we believe is in violation of copyright or any other law.


  • Hourly projects are billed in 15–minute increments (rounded up or down). “House Errors” (Equipment or engineer failure :-) ) will not be billed. We are keeping track!
  • Any activity that engages the facility and prevents other clients from utilizing it is considered “billable.”
  • We’d like to receive payment by cash or check.
  • You may pay by credit card, if necessary. Please tell us. We will direct you to PayPal jFX Studio is a PayPal Verified business. You may use your computer or ours.
  • Payment is due before the release of materials (except to proven, bona fide corporations paying Standard rates), or unless prior arrangements are made at our discretion.
  • Projects of long duration will be initiated with a percentage of money down, then billed incrementally, with cost reporting. Deposits are non–refundable. We will discuss custom billing with clients on an as–needed basis. Please tell us beforehand if you have any budgetary requirements or restraints.
  • See our Rates section for more rate information.
  • We do not charge for one–off CD media and other “less expensive” demo media. DVD media, hard drives, etc. will be quoted as they are needed. Some media may need to be special–ordered. Clients may need to return later to pick up archive copies. Please tell us beforehand if you have any platform, application or file compatibility requirements for your archives.


  • Please tell us what you will be doing before you come, and how many others will be with you. We will be able to appropriately set up the studio for your session.
  • Please arrive early for complex set ups (like drums). Call us to confirm your arrival time.
  • Please give us 48 hours notice of session cancellation. Those late to sessions and “no–shows” may be billed fully for the scheduled session time if adequate notice is not given.
  • Please arrive in as few vehicles as possible – parking is at a premium. Park directly in front of the property, off of the lawn, etc.
  • Treat the neighbors well – we like them and we want them to continue to like us!
  • Keep groupies/posses to a minimum. The studio is ready for work, but does not have a great deal of extra room. They may slow you down and cost you more money. Exception: we encourage any minor clients to bring a parent or guardian.

Backups and Archives

  • We back up all work in progress for safety and archive completed work for possible future retrieval. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we cannot guarantee this. You may receive an archive copy after your bill is paid. You may be billed for transfer time and media. Your sole remedy in any case of unforeseen loss will be for us to restore your on–going session to the point of the loss (as much as possible).


  • An engineer is included with your session. They can do you bidding, exactly as you instruct; they can act as producer; they can offer their services as musicians or voice talent, etc. Your choice. Please let them know what you'd like them to do for you during your session.
  • The engineer will set up and operate all studio equipment. Clients will be billed to repair or replace any equipment they break.

Tours and Facilities

  • No studio tours (or sessions) will be conducted without an appointment. Please respect other clients’ time – we expect them to respect yours.
  • No smoking in the studio. It's very hard on the gear (not to mention your voice). Smokers may step out onto the driveway or covered porch. Please, no illegal substances.
  • No alcohol in or around the studio. It may degrade your performance and cost you more money as you work to “get it right.” We don’t want to deal with liability issues either. Drinks in general should be kept away from all gear and be spill–proof (we will provide capped bottled water).
  • Clients with special needs should call ahead with questions about accessibility. The studio is accessible by those in wheelchairs. However, rest rooms are not. :-(

The End

This is all we can think of at this time. We'd rather not have to think of any more – thank you very much!

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