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Our present rate structure is fairly simple at this time:

Many people want to know the hourly rate for studio time – here it is. Do look at the “Fixed Pricing” section below...

Standard Pricing

$75.00/hour. This pricing is extended to labels, corporations or other similar business entities, who generally take 30 or 60 days – or more, to pay their bills.

Preferred Pricing

$50.00/hour. This pricing is extended to those who pay their bill at the end of their session. This is what most people prefer to pay and what we actually prefer to charge. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!

Fixed Pricing

Many people do not like open–ended projects, where they don't have a clear idea of their expenditures. This section is for you. We will be happy to quote a project price for you. We can take care of every aspect of your recording project’s needs (except the fun, creative part – unless you’d like us to assist there, as well). See our home page and services postcard (PDF) for a list of our services. Most projects are eligible for fixed pricing. These will be quoted on a case–by–case basis. Bring us your ideas – we’ll asses your needs.

Other Billing Info

  • Payment is due before the release of materials (except to proven, bona fide corporations paying Standard rates).
  • We’d like to receive payment by cash or check.
  • You may pay by credit card, if necessary. Please tell us. We will direct you to PayPal (see their seal below). jFX Studio is a PayPal Verified business. You may use your computer or ours.
  • Any activity that engages the facility and prevents other clients from utilizing it at the time is considered “billable.”
  • We do not charge for one–off CD media and other “less expensive” demo media. DVD media, hard drives, etc. will be quoted as they are needed.
  • Projects of long duration will be billed incrementally, with cost reporting. We will discuss this with clients on an as–needed basis.
  • See our Policy section for more payment issues.

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